recent projectsRecent projects include:

  • Rendering Plant Automation Upgrade
  • Pellet Plant Electrical Design and Installation.
  • Remote Access and Monitoring Systems.
  • PLC5 to Control Logix (Systems Migration).
  • Effluent Plant Automation system.
  • Conveyors Speed / Synchronization Control.
  • Water Scheme Pump Pressure Control
  • Multiple Sewage Tanks Automation.
  • Electrical Load Monitoring and Shedding.
  • Water Scheme Alarm Remote Texting.
  • Blast Freezer Hydraulic Controls and Refrigeration.
  • Carton Conveyor and Diverting Systems.
  • Potable Water Treament Plant
  • Chillers SCADA and Automation
  • Product metal detection and barcode scanning system